PL Suspends Broadcast Deal With Russia Over Ukraine Invasion

The English Premier League have officially suspended all its broadcast deal with Russia following the ongoing war between the country and Ukraine. The suspension is instant hence Thursday’s League games will not be accessible for Russians to watch.

The decision was made after a 4-hour meeting between the 20 top flight team. They all agreed to stop the broadcasting of Premier League games to Russia.

More so, the top flight have also agreed to support Ukraine and says that they’ll donate £1m as humanitarian support to war-sieged Ukrainians.

Meanwhile, FA has also followed suite and supports Ukrainian professional footballers. Hence, subsequent FA Cup games, starting with the coming quarter-final will not be available to be viewed by Russians.

The Premier League condemned Russia in a statement which reads:

“We call for peace and our thoughts are with all those impacted,” the Premier League said in a statement.

“The £1m donation will be made to the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) to deliver humanitarian aid directly to those in need.”

Moreover, in another move, The English Football League (EFL) has also suspended
all its broadcast deal with Russia following the ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

EFL in a statement condemned the action saying:

“Echoing the views of the Premier League and other organisations around the world, the EFL remains deeply concerned by the ongoing conflict.”

“As has been demonstrated at EFL grounds around the country, ‘Football Stands Together’ with the people of Ukraine and all those impacted.”

In counter move, China is believed to support Russia; the country stopped the broadcasting of English Premier League games, just of recent.

Reacting to the statement, Premier League’s announcement, Sports Minister Nigel Huddleston said the action was a necessity. The statement reads:

“We fully support the Premier League’s decision to stop broadcasting matches in Russia in response to Putin’s barbaric, senseless invasion of Ukraine.

“Russia cannot be allowed to legitimise its illegal war through sport and culture, and we must work together to ensure Putin remains a pariah on the international stage.”