Mr Ibu finally arrests Nollywood actor who hacked his social media pages

Veteran Nollywood actor, John Okafor, better known as Mr Ibu has finally arrested the undisclosed colleague who hacked his social media pages.

Taking to his Instagram page to make the announcement, Ibu’s daughter, Chioma Jasmine who penned the post stated that the actor has been nabbed and his case is in the police station.

She stated that the actor has confessed to having indulged in the act but the reason for his action is yet to be known.

The post reads:

“This is to let everyone know that we have catfished the person that hacked MR Ibu’s verified Instagram account! He was arrested yesterday and the case is in the police station! He confessed to the crime and the investigation is still ongoing, it’s so saddening to know that it was one of his colleagues in the Nollywood industry.”

“His motives are still yet to be known. Revealing his identity depends on how far the extent of the damages that he was using the account to do was ! Please help us let the general public know that they can stop reporting the account now as it had been restored to us! Thanks.”

A question on whether to reveal the identity of the actor or not was also thrown at social media users.

“Should we reveal his identity or temper justice with as he has been begging for forgiveness since yesterday! Note he also hacked his Facebook and the email he uses in receiving notifications from bank! He’s only begging we cover his identity because he said it will Jeopardize his career in the nollywood industry ! Please what do y’all suggest we do in this regard! Keep sharing until it gets to the appropriate news agencies! Thanks regards! Chioma Jasmine”

See post below:

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