Manchester City Qualifies For Champions League Quarter Final Despite Draw

Manchester City on Wednesday played out a goalless draw with Sporting Lisbon on Tuesday to knock out the Portuguese team by goal aggregate. The Premier League Champions won the first leg by 5-0 before the stalemate at Ethiad Staduim. Manchester City Manager, Pep Guardiola was delighted with the way his side played.

“I’m a guy who learns at the time to enjoy the moment. When I qualify for the quarter-finals, I enjoy it; when I qualify for the last 16, I know how difficult it is,” said Guardiola, who led Barcelona to two Champions League titles as their manager.

“When you go through, every opponent is difficult. Now it is time to congratulate everyone, focus on the Premier League and see the draw.”

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola to BT Sport: “I am very pleased because in both games we deserved to be in the Champions League quarter-finals.

Guardiola also praised the 17-year old CJ Egan-Riley over a fine performance.

“CJ Egan-Riley played really good and didn’t miss one ball. He is a seven. He is nothing exceptional in anything but that is a good sign as a defender as he doesn’t make mistakes. Scott Carson could play and we gave 45 minutes to the other guys.”

On higher expectations for City in Europe: “It’s a good sign. The people didn’t care what we were and now step-by-step the club grew and now for many years we are there in this competitions.

“Now we are again in the quarter-finals as the best eight teams in Europe. I learn to enjoy the moments. I celebrate it because I know how difficult it is. When you go through every opponent is difficult. Now it’s time to congratulate everyone, focus on the Premier League then next week we will see the draw.”

Guardiola went further to heap more praises on CJ Egan-Riley and James McAtee:

“We are delighted. He is very important to us behind the scenes.

“His chemistry with Ederson and Zack Steffen is fundamental in the locker room, people listen when he speaks. He made the biggest save.”

On James McAtee: “Macca is quite calm and a guy who is in a good direction. But, yeah he got minutes in the second half. He has played previous games.

“He knows the rhythm. He has the quality but has to understand the position a bit better.”