Lawyer on Ifeanyi’s Death claims Davido should be arrested instead

Famous Nigerian lawyer and human rights advocate Abakpa Adoyi Matthew has claimed that domestic servants should be released and given space to live their lives while Davido should be detained.

He continued by saying that only Davido and his wife Chioma should be held accountable for this incident’s irresponsibility.

Abakpa Matthew argues that the couple should be held accountable for repeatedly letting their infant boy swim without a life jacket.

“I have also watched a number of different videos in which Davido himself took the boy to the swimming pool, threw him in, and then brought the boy out when the boy started yelling. On different dates, they had gone swimming together.”

The lawyer went ahead to iterate that:

“A three-year-old child; what are you showing him with regards to swimming in a pool for a grown-up? In fact, the boy went to put what he was taught into practice. He had learned to swim from his father.

In point of fact, there was a video in which Davido even endorsed him as an expert swimmer and water safety instructor. I myself watched it. Therefore, the boy might have felt like a pro and gone swimming in the pool His father was the cause of what happened to him,” Abakpa Adoyi Matthew clarified.

The attorney went on to say that the domestic employees should be released because they were not guilty of a crime.

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