King Charles III allegedly told Harry not to bring Meghan Markle to Balmoral

According to reports, King Charles warned Prince Harry that it was “not appropriate” for Meghan Markle to visit Balmoral while Queen Elizabeth II was dying.

The Palace reported early Thursday that physicians were “concerned” about the 96-year-health old’s and had placed her under “medical observation.” Members of the royal family raced to Scotland in response to be by the monarch’s bedside in her dying moments.

“Charles warned Harry that Meghan being in Balmoral at such a genuinely sad moment wasn’t proper or appropriate,” a source told The Sun.

“It was pointed out to him that Kate [Middleton] was not going and that the numbers really should be limited to the very closest family.”

The source added that Prince Charles – now King Charles III – “made it very, very clear Meghan would not be welcome.”

As Page Six previously reported, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were originally planning to travel together to see the Queen. Half an hour later, news broke that Harry would actually be traveling solo.

The Queen’s death came just days after the “Suits” alum gave yet another bombshell interview to The Cut, in which she criticized the royal family and claimed that “just by existing,” she and Harry were “upsetting the dynamic of the hierarchy.”

On Thursday, the BBC’s long-standing royal correspondent Nicholas Witchell said on-air of Markle: “She might not be terribly warmly welcomed, to be perfectly candid about it.”