James Brown Shares new Photos Dressed Like A Man As He Introduces Himself As King Of Africa

James Brown, a popular Nigerian crossdresser, has caused quite a stir on social media with his recent images, which have had internet people buzzing.

The notorious individual renowned for dressing in feminine attire and posing as the Princess of Africa has declared himself king.

How did you get from princess to king? Is this even logical?

Brown declared himself the ‘King of Africa’ in a post on his Facebook page, where he displayed multiple images of himself dressed like a real guy.

“Meet the King of Africa,” he wrote.

However, his post raised a lot of commments as fans and followers bashed him heavily.

See the post below

This comes only a few days after he was trending on social media after a video of him having a severe $3xual session with a female was posted online, Click on the link below to watch the leaked tape.

Watch James Brown’s $3x tape leaks (Video)