I Was Going Blind – Agya Koo On Why He Stopped Shooting Night Scenes

Ghanaian actor, Agya Koo finally opens up on why he has stopped shooting night scenes in movies, and it was according to him, it was because of a health condition.

According to the famed actor, shooting night scenes in movies hasn’t been easy for him, as the lights are damaging his sight and he now has an eye problem.

Agya Koo who is well known by his legal name Alex Kofi Adu said he complained to movie producers about his condition but they all seem not to believe him with many thinking he has grown arrogance and that he had it at the back of his mind he has no competitor in the film industry.

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Agya Koo made this known in a recent interview speaking with Ike De Unpredictable on Angel FM’s Entertainment show.

In his words, he said;

“I stopped shooting night scenes in a movie because I was going blind. The light used to shoot night scenes was affecting my eyes and it gave me some eye problems”

“I told the producers what I’m going through so they should try to help me and remove night scenes from my scenes when shooting movies to help me protect my eyes”.

“I leave everything to God because it seems people always get me wrong when I speak the truth but God will surely fight for me. One day the truth will come out and the world will know the bad treatment I received from some producers” Agya Koo disclosed.

watch Video below.

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