Ghana marks 65th Independence Anniversary with Russia Sending Congratulatory Messages

As the former Gold Coast, Ghana celebrate their 65th Independence Anniversary, the Russian Federation through President, Vladimir Putin has congratulate the West African nation. This message came amidst the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia over NATO.

While many Ghanaians acknowledged the congratulatory message, some where cautious on the intentions of Putin. Many Ghanaians displayed their views on the message – a good number were uncomfortable about the whole situation.

The message was passed to Ghana through the Russian embassy in its capital city Accra yesterday (March 06).

The Embassy tweeted:

“President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin sent a congratulatory message on the occasion of the 65th Anniversary of the Independence Day of the Republic of Ghana!”

Furthermore, Putin also made an additional tweet – from the statement’s section:

“The relations between Russia and Ghana is traditionally of a friendly nature. I am convinced that the further development of a constructive bilateral dialogue and partnership meets the interest of our peoples, contributing to the peace and security on the African continent.”

Despite the unintentional harm of the message, many Ghanaians are wary of the development. Many believed that Putin’s concern for the country despite the ongoing tensions in Russia does not spell well for the country.

Ghana and Russia are long-term trade partners and can be likened to “Friends With Mutual Benefits”. The current president of the West African country, Kwame Nkrumah has been on good terms with the dissolved Soviet Union.

To this effect, many Ghanaians view the gesture as a diplomatic message to foster the unity between the two nations. Nevertheless, the attempted invasion by Russia on Ukraine has prompted some to doubt the “authenticity” of the statement.

Russia is facing serious sanctions from the west on its financial institution and as a result, the rubble is on a free fail. Many top businesses have banned operation in the country. Even so, most sports association has been Russia from participating and this have been a worry to Putin who continue to stand by his words that what he’s doing is for good and not bad.

Nonetheless, the message is a diplomatic way of warning Ghana to stay off and not take side against Russia.