Christiano Ronaldo’s Status Wear Around The Genital Area

A new set of drama as unfolded as the Portuguese Superstar, Christiano Ronaldo has been in the spotlight because of his over touched “Genital”. The statue is located in his hometown Funchal, Portugal and has begun to dwindle in quality – especially around the penis area.

Many photos online show many fans holding the area while posing for a picture. Made of bronze, the statue was officially launched in 2014. Because of the quality of the material, it was built with, it will become shinier as the oils from people’s hands touching it increases.
Here is the statement made by a tourist in Portugal.

“I just wanted a picture of him to send to my family. But as soon as I put on the family WhatsApp group everyone started laughing.

“They couldn’t help notice the well-rubbed area between his legs.”

“Ronaldo hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to other people designing him.

The 37-year-old takes immense pride in his appearance and it feels like there’s always something going wrong.”

It is pertinent to note that the Manchester United legend was there when the statue was launched and seemed excited. Some football fans opined that the Portuguese star might not be got what he exactly wanted, but the statue was glaring enough for all to adore.

Ronaldo is currently playing for Manchester United after making the switch from Juventus. He has scored a combined total of 15 goals in 31 games – despite scoring just one goal in 2022.

Since his return to Old Trafford, the legendary attacker has been one of United’s recognized strikers but issues of injuries have been a major concern. Interim boss Ralf Rangnick is having a difficult time with the situation as Edinson Cavani is also a fitness worry.

The pair have formed a strong partnership but the reality is that they are tilting towards the end of their career. This leaves Manchester United to look out for young blood like Sancho, Rashford, Lingard and co.

Rangnick told Manchester Evening News: “With Edinson available for the game, and the upcoming games, we have other options,”

“With Marcus Rashford we have another player who I will insist on and continuously be behind him, to develop him. We have achieved that with quite a few young players in the past, and I don’t see why this can’t happen with Marcus.”